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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Local Cleantech programs

There are a wealth of opportunities here in Silicon Valley for those interested in seminars and networking with others interested in the technology and business opportunities of photovoltaics.

Because I was having trouble keeping track of them — and because at tonight’s SVPVS meeting people reminded me of other events I haven’t been attending — I thought I’d pull them together all in one place.

SVPVS: Silicon Valley Photovoltaics Society
My favorite: an interesting group of speakers, great networking, and best of all it’s free. Here is the charter:
The charter of the Silicon Valley Photovoltaics Society (SVPVS) is to create a forum for entrepreneurs, business people, investors, engineers and scientists which are active or interested in photovoltaics or related technologies.

With a strong society we seek to promote the competitiveness of the PV industry in the Bay Area by improving the awareness of relevant technologies, by forming a network between business and science and by simply getting to know each other in this field.
Meetings are the second Wednesday of the month at PARC. A catalog of past speakers and their presentations are available online. Notices of future SVPVS events are available on the home page or via email subscription.

TiE: The Indus Entrepreneurs
The CleanTech SIG of TiE Silicon Valley focuses on cleantech entrepreneurship. The mission includes
We seek to put together compelling programming that will cover pertinent topics across the vast range of cleantech sectors, including solar, biofuels, energy storage, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, carbon trading, clean coal, and others.
There is no RSS feed and the master event calendar seems to be broken, but the general email announcement list includes CleanTech events.

SDForum has two programs
Both types of events are priced at $30 each for nonmembers. SDForum has is a general email list.

SVASE: Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs
There does not appear to be a home page, RSS feed or mailing list for the events, but the events are listed on the general event page and the Clean Tech events are announced in the general announcement email list.

PARC Forum
The free PARC Forum is not a clean tech series per se, but recent events in the series have been heavily weighted towards cleantech topics. There is an email subscription list and (best of all) a RSS feed. The archive includes video clips (alas in WMV format) of past events.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to add to the list the Clean Tech group of the Chinese Institute of Engineers. They meet at ITRI on Zanker Rd. Participation is free of charge.