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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Guide to local Cleantech clusters

The website Xconomy has published a directory of San Diego cleantech companies. (I happened to find their collection of SD tech news while looking for something else related to my research interests there).

Their Seattle subsidiary has also published a list of cleantech firms in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, British Columbia).

I’m guessing that the Bay Area list is too big to make it into a blog posting.

Interestingly, the sustainable cities blog Sustainlane lists both San Jose and Berkeley among the top 5 cleantech cities, with San Francisco as a runner-up. Not surprisingly, perennial tech runner up (cf. A.L. Saxenian) Boston also makes the top 5 list.

What seems odd is the omission of Colorado. Maybe I’ve been sensitized by the succession of NREL speakers at SVPVS. However, it seems as though between NREL, the interest at their flagshop university, a supportive state policy and the long-standing interest in environmentalist in Colorado, that a significant portion of the nation’s RE investment would be found there. There’s even a trade association doing a census of the local cleantech firms.

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