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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

EE excuse to buy new Mac Mini

As a longstanding Mac lover (if not a Mac bigot), I was glad to see that Apple updated its family of desktop computers today: the iMac (the main home machine), the Mac Pro (a business machine) and the Mac Mini (essentially a small home server or second machine).

In the press release, Apple’s COO (running Apple in lieu of CEO Steve Jobs) bragged:
The Mac mini is not only our most affordable Mac, it’s also the world’s most energy efficient desktop computer.
Apple’s press release qualified the claim by saying
Claim based on energy efficiency categories and products listed within the EPA Energy Star 4.0 database as of February 2009.
which seems about as good a way to research energy consumption as any. However, when it says the Mini consumes 13 watts while “idle”, it is not clear whether they mean sleep mode (i.e. the wall wart power drain) or when the CPU is on but not doing any meaningful computing.

Fast Company notes that both the Mini and iMac meet the proposed Energy Star 5.0 specifications, which go into effect on July 1.

The Obama administration hopes that investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency will both improve the nation’s energy budget and also stimulate the economy. So for those looking to do their part to encourage such efforts, go buy a Mac Mini. While you’re at it, buy a more efficient monitor — since that’s where the bulk of the power consumption goes.

Behind on my blogging due to work and volunteer commitments. Still hope to catch up before next week’s SVPVS meeting

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