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Thursday, August 20, 2009

FT discovers energy efficiency

The Financial Times has finally discovered energy efficiency:
This year, McKinsey calculated that in the US alone an investment of $520bn would cut non-transportation energy in the country by 23 per cent of projected energy demand – which would save the US economy more than $1,200bn.

Japan and western Europe are more efficient, but still have hundreds of billions of potential savings, while fast-emerging economies such as China and India have typically grown without much regard for efficiency until now.…

Little wonder, then, that energy efficiency stocks have been outperforming not just the market, but other clean technology stocks, according to recent research from HSBC.

Energy efficiency and energy management specialists enjoyed the strongest sectorial return in clean tech, up 16 per cent on the first half of the year, according to HSBC.
The story seems like a realistic overview, but a little bit stale.

HSBC report (on the HSBC Energy Efficiency & Energy Management Index) came out in June. It was then covered by Reuters and Energy Efficiency News.

I can’t find any 2009 updates on the EEEMI on the HSBC website, perhaps because it’s trapped behind a paywall. Greentech Media (unlike all the other sites) is kind enough to link to the report, ironically located on the NYT website.

Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t there something annoying about blogs and other online news sources that don’t link the original data — because they’re afraid you’ll go to the original site (or circulate the link to the original site)? Shouldn’t the blogger/reporter have confidence in creating enough value that people will want to link his/er site?

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