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Monday, September 1, 2008

EE/RE news sources

The focus of this blog is on renewable energy and energy efficiency. In coming up to speed, I’ve tried to find online sources of targeted news on these topics. Below are the most interesting pages I found, ignoring those sites that seem less relevant to the business of the field.

One obvious place to start is the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The EERE has a number of news feeds and e-mail lists in addition to its news pages and data sources.

There are a few sources specifically related to the business of energy efficiency, such as Energy Efficiency Markets blog and the (global) news site Energy Efficiency News. Another news source is the Alliance to Save Energy, a 30-year-old bipartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit which has a news page, monthly newsletter, and email newsletter.

When compared to efficiency, there seems to be more news on the alternative energy side. For example, Camino Energy has a blog logging the weekly status of publicly held sustainable energy stocks. Another weekly review is given by Alternative Energy Stocks. (Progressive Investor lists recent prices for a wide range of renewable energy and energy efficiency stocks).

More general blogs on cleantech that cover solar and wind include:
  • Venture investing news can be found in VentureBeat’s cleantech news and the Cleantech Investing blog.
  • The aptly named Cleantech Blog seems to take a more critical look at industry economics than most cleantech blogs.
  • The market watch section of  photovoltaic site PV-Tech.org summarizes business news related to solar energy.
  • Not specific to business, general news on solar power and wind power is repackaged by Alternative Energy News.
Original reporting on a wide range of a green and clean business and technology topics (including some renewable energy) is at the Business Week Green Business section, its Green Business blog, and on the CNET Green Tech blog.

Overall, it was a surprisingly short list of useful sites. For some topics, a Google news Alert (part of Google’s perpetual beta program) would seem to be the most efficient way to monitor key developments.

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